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I Violini di Santa Vittoria

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Format: CD

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Release Date:  14 July 2017

Label:  Felmay

Packaging Type:  Digipak

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Barcode:  885016008123

Genres:  Classical  Ballets & Dances  

  • Description

    I Violini di Santa Vittoria are the only representatives of the musical tradition of Liscio (a type of ballroom music).

    They were born in 2001 as part of a wider project to rediscover the history of ballroom music in the Reggio Emilia area.

    The first decades of the nineteenth century see the spread of new popular dances in the countryside near Reggio Emilia: waltz, mazurka and polka.

    The music came from faraway places but it immediately became popular, mixing its melodies, rhythms and a new way of playing with the old rural music that characterized this territory.

    Liscio is born and this new trend in music becomes a rather unique phenomenon precisely in Santa Vittoria (in the province of Reggio Emilia).

    In Santa Vittoria the music was played with string instruments, in small orchestral groups of five players that were formed within each family.

    Towards the end of the nineteenth century this village becomes so legendary that the people of the lowlands near Reggio Emilia began to call it "Paese dei Cento Violini" (The Town of the Hundred Fiddles).

  • Tracklisting

    1. Un Ricordo
    2. Guadagnarsi La Libert?
    3. Care Memorie
    4. Concerto Di Violini
    5. Una Passera
    6. Da Vienna A Santa Vittoria
    7. Il Tango
    8. Paolo Borciani
    9. Incubo In Conservatorio
    10. Iazzband!
    11. Lido Po
    12. Traviata
    13. Imbonimenti
    14. Non ? Per Tutti
    15. Un Rapace Dinoccolato E Goffo
    16. Tango Del Fojonco
    17. Arcord
    18. Sporgenze
    19. Ricordo
    20. Ritorno
    21. Uun Piede Che Striscia
    22. Festiv?l
    23. Il Novecento
    24. Nuovo Inizio
    25. Iside Polka
    26. Tanta Musica
    27. Una Lagrima
    28. La Pantera

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