Romantic Piano Concerto 2

Holbrooke & Wood

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Format: CD

Cat No: CDA67127

Release Date:  01 February 2000

Label:  Hyperion Records Ltd

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Barcode:  034571171272

Genres:  Classical  Orchestral  

  • Description

    These two English piano concertos in the grand romantic tradition were written at almost the same time (Holbrooke 1908, Wood 1909) and were undoubtedly inspired by the great concertos of the previous few decades such as those of Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov.
    The Holbrooke piece, like so much of his music, has a literary inspiration, in the form of the poem 'The Song of Gwyn ap Nudd' which the score follows closely. Indeed the composer originally described the work as a symphonic poem though he later changed his mind and settled on Piano Concerto No 1 when he revised the work in 1923—the version recorded here. (Incidentally, we have it on good Welsh authority that 'Nudd' is pronounced 'Neeth').
    Though Haydn Wood later made his name writing shorter pieces of light music his early concerto is in full blown romantic style complete with first movement cadenza and 'big tune' grand finale. Its emotional heart, though, is in the simple but moving slow movement. This is the work's first recording and it appears not to have been played since 1951.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. First Movement: Maestoso Allegro - Open the gates of mirrored horn!
      • 2. First Movement: Animato - Ye guards of my hold whom wanderers fear
      • 3. First Movement: a tempo - Harness a steed from the gnomes dark fields
      • 4. First Movement: a tempo - Vapour of night be thou my shield
      • 5. First Movement: Swift through the dell where the young bats wake
      • 6. First Movement: a tempo - The armies of the night are abroad
      • 7. First Movement: Tempo primo - Here lies the field that was laid to our hand
      • 8. First Movement: Deep in the mould lies the golden helmed all
      • 9. First Movement: Piu mosso al fine - No spectre of them will answer my call
      • 10. Second Movement: Poco adagio con sentimento - Faint as the faith of our people long dying
      • 11. Second Movement: Tempo poco Allegretto Poco Scherzando - Clotted of shadows he comes to my hest
      • 12. Second Movement: Tempo 1 - Daughter of Lear
      • 13. Second Movement: O God of our torment lean down and decide that we shall never meet again
      • 14. Third Movement: Allegro, molto fuoco - Blade that meets blade with never a sound
      • 15. Third Movement: Face me afresh though the night hour fails
      • 16. Third Movement: Tempo poco Larghetto - Back to your grave
      • 17. Third Movement: Tempo primo - Break back from the battle
      • 18. Third Movement: Away from this land, Fairy folk all
      • 19. Third Movement: Poco lento - Flit ye away while the shadows mate Branch and blest earth
      • 20. Third Movement: L'istesso tempo (Doppio) 0 For scorn follows fast on the Fairy King's fate
      • 21. Third Movement: Cadenza
      • 22. Third Movement: Grandioso - brillante - She was the most splendid maiden
      • 23. Maestoso e moderato - Tranquillo - Cadenza - Allegro
      • 24. Andante - Allegretto Tranquillo - Andante
      • 25. Finale: Vivace