Holst: Choral Ballets

Hilary Davan Wetton: Philharmonia Orchestra, Guildford Choral Society

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Format: CD

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Release Date:  01 January 1996

Label:  Hyperion Records Ltd

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Barcode:  034571167848

Genres:  Classical  Orchestral  

  • Description

    The Golden Goose and The Morning of the Year are examples of a form called the 'choral ballet' and were written in the mid 1920s. Within the umbrella term of 'Tudor-revivalism' there was a new interest in masques and Elizabethan 'dumb' shows and after the Great War such outdoor entertainments provided a focus for a celebration of national culture.
    The Golden Goose tells the story of the princess who could not laugh (adapted in verse from Grimm's Fairy Tales). The 'Morning of the Year' is the spring equinox and was traditionally celebrated in Britain by morris dancers and other forms of music and dancing. The challenge that faced Holst was how to develop a modern celebration of a traditional event.
    King Estmere was written some twenty years earlier and sets an old English ballad, a Romantic fantasy of love and magic. At its first performance the work won great praise for its 'very remarkable originality' (Daily Graphic) and its 'imagination and cleverness' (The Musical Times).

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. The Golden Goose: Prelude
      • 2. The Golden Goose: Sound Drum and Trumpet
      • 3. The Golden Goose: A Mummers' Play
      • 4. A Mummers' PLay
      • 5. The Golden Goose: The Mummers' Play
      • 6. The Golden Goose: Vainly Awaiting
      • 7. Some Beguiling
      • 8. The Golden Goose: The Human Organ
      • 9. The Golden Goose: Execution
      • 10. The Golden Goose: Sleep
      • 11. The Golden Goose: Dance Of TheThree Girls
      • 12. The Golden Goose: The Goose Dance
      • 13. The Golden Goose: Love
      • 14. Sweet Love HAth Come At Last
      • 15. The Golden Goose: Sound Drum And Trumpet Play
      • 16. The Morning Of TheYear: Introduction
      • 17. The Morning Of TheYear: The Voice Of Nature
      • 18. The Morning Of TheYear: Dance Of The Headman And Hobby-Horse
      • 19. The Morning Of TheYear: The Calling Song
      • 20. The Morning Of TheYear: Dance OF The Youths
      • 21. The Morning Of TheYear: Dance Of The Maidens
      • 22. The Morning Of TheYear: The Mating Dance
      • 23. The Morning Of TheYear: Spring Is Here To Set You Free
      • 24. The Morning Of TheYear: O Dance Of Love
      • 25. O Joy Of Dancing
      • 26. The Morning Of TheYear: Dance Of The Youngest Couple
      • 27. The Morning Of TheYear: You Have Shown My Mystery
      • 28. King Estmere: Hearken To Me Gentlemen
      • 29. King Estmere: Reade Me
      • 30. Reade Me Dear Brother
      • 31. King Estmere: Now Christ Thee Save
      • 32. Good King Adland
      • 33. King Estmere: Down Then Came That Maiden Fair
      • 34. King Estmere: Then Bespake Her Father Dear
      • . King Estmere: They Had Not Ridden Scarce A Mile