Centre Henri Pousseur - 50 Years

HERMESensemble, Claire Bourdet, Kim Van dem Brempt, Wilbert Aerts, Gaelle Hyernaux, Frederik Croene, Elisa Medinilla...

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Format: 2CD

Cat No: KTC1699

Release Date:  29 April 2022

Label:  Etcetera

Packaging Type:  Brilliant Case (Jewel Case size, Holds 2 CDs)

No of Units:  2

Barcode:  8711801016993

Genres:  Classical  Chamber Music  

  • Description

    Henri Pousseur and Pierre Bartholomee founded the Centre de Recherches musicales de Wallonie In 1970; it was renamed Centre Henri Pousseur in 2010. The Centre is the only artistic institution in Belgium that is completely dedicated to the development and performance of mixed music; the year 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of its unceasing efforts in the service of this particular field of musical creation.

    The Centre has selected eight mixed compositions, each of which was developed in the Centre's studios in Liège by and with composers closely associated with the institution, from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, from Flanders, and from other countries. This release not only highlights some of the most recent developments in mixed music, but also recalls the musical originality of Henri Pousseur, the Centre's founder: one of his most important mixed compositions was updated by the Centre on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of his death in 2019. We are sure that this well-filled release — it contains more than two hours of music — will be a fine testimonial to the special character of the Centre Henri Pousseur and to its close and lively collaborations with composers and performers.

    Claire Bourdet, violin
    Kim Van den Brempt, piano
    Wibert Aerts, violin
    Ga?lle Hyernaux, guitar
    Frederik Croene
    Elisa Medinilla, piano
    Toon Fret, flute
    Vincent Royer, viola HERMESensemble conducted by Koen Kessels
    Karin de Fleyt (flute)
    Peter Merckx (clarinet)
    Marc Tooten (viola)
    Nicolas Dupont (violin)
    Stijn Saveniers (cello)
    Gaetan La Mela (percussion)
    Geert Callaert (piano)
    Patrick Delges, Xavier Mees, Gilles Doneux, Jean-Marc Sullon (electronics)

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Martin Matalon: La rueda for violin, piano and electronics
      • 2. Jean-Pierre Deleuze: Sonances de l’an levant for violin and electronics
      • 3. Gaelle Hyernaux: De Tenebrer #1 for guitar and electronics
      • 4. Daan Janssens: (Paysage en attente…) for 2 pianos and electronics

      Disc 2

      • 1. Henri Pousseur: Ex Dei in Machinam Memoria
      • 2. Luc Brewaeys: Ni fleurs ni couronnes: Monument pour Jonathan Harvey for violin with ghost-violins and -bells
      • 3. Malika Kishino: RA for viola and electronics
      • 4. Jean-Luc Fafchamps: Lettre Soufie: ‘Ain (Maintenant) for ensemble and electronics

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