Greek Songs By Non-greek Composers

Elena Marangou, Yorgos Ziavras

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Release Date:  08 March 2024

Label:  Etcetera

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Barcode:  8711801018126

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  • Description

    This new release comprises of complete song cycles entitled by the composers "Greek Songs" which are set on ancient, folk or 20th century Greek poetry, translated into the mother tongue of each composer. In the beginning of 2022, on the aftermath of the celebrations for the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution (1821-2021) and the independence of the new Greek state, after a great deal of music of Greek and philhellene composers had been performed and rediscovered, I became acquainted with A. Dvorak's work "Three modern Greek Poems". Fascinated as to how the Czech poet Vaclav Bolemir Nebesky became interested in translating Greek folk songs into Czech, and consequently, how the composer set them to music, I started thinking of other composers that had a collateral look upon Greece. It was a different approach in comparison to what we Greeks were used to when considering the romantic era of the Greek Revolution. There was an alternative perception of non - Greek composers on Greece and Greek culture.

    Thus, the idea for the programme of this CD was born.

    The content of the songs relates to three different periods of Greek history. Although the common thread is always Greece, the different circumstances and political scenery of each era influence quite differently how poetry and music are expressed. - ELENA MARANGOU

    Greek mezzo soprano Elena Marangou has performed as a soloist with orchestras such as Philharmonie and Altstadt Herbstorchester Dusseldorf, Cognimus Kollektiv, Armonia Athenea, Athens State Orchestra, Greek Radio Symphonic Orchestra, Philharmonia Orchestra, Orchestra of Colours, Municipal Orchestras of Athens and Thessaloniki.

    Her repertoire ranges from baroque to contemporary music. She has collaborated with the Athens Concert Hall, the Greek National Opera, the Athens and Epidaurus Festival as well as with baroque and chamber music ensembles.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Lennox Berkeley: Epitaph of Timas
      • 2. Spring Song
      • 3. To Aster
      • 4. Dimitri Shostakovich: Vpered
      • 5. Pentozalis
      • 6. Zolongo
      • 7. Hymn of E.L.A.S
      • 8. Antonin Dvorak: Koljas
      • 9. Nereidy
      • 10. Zalozpev Pargy
      • 11. Maurice Ravel: Le Recail de la Marlee
      • 12. La - bas, vers l'Eglise
      • 13. Quel Galant m'est Comparable
      • 14. Chanson des Cueilleuses de Lentisques
      • 15. Tout Gai!
      • 16. Hermann Reutter: Wie hernieder vom Berge Sturmwind sturzt
      • 17. Hinunter ist schon der Mond
      • 18. Singet ihr Madchen, das Lied
      • 19. Seelenlos liegt der einst da
      • 20. Aphrodite!

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