Bach: Wachet Auf! - The Schubler, Leipzig And Kirnberger Chorales

Christopher Herrick

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Format: 2CD

Cat No: CDA670712

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Release Date:  01 April 1996

Label:  Hyperion Records Ltd

Packaging Type:  Fat Double (a 2.5cm thick jewel case, fits several CDs)

No of Units:  2

Barcode:  034571170718

Genres:  Classical  Baroque  

  • Description

    The Schübler Chorales, one of only two sets of organ works published during Bach's lifetime, owe their name to the student who collected them into one volume. The cycle charts the liturgical year, beginning with the famous 'Wachet auf!' ('Sleepers Wake!').
    The Leipzig Chorales (The '18') were composed during Bach's Weimar period but were revised in Leipzig some years later. The pieces display a wealth of imagination in their setting of the themes, yet the fundamental principles of organ writing—inherited from Buxtehude and Pachelbel—remain at the heart of these chorales.
    Johann Kirnberger became a student of Bach towards the end of the master's life. He grew to idolize his teacher and devoted much of his later life to collecting Bach's works. The set of chorales which bear his name were presumably never intended by Bach for publication as a 'set', but do nonetheless follow something of a liturgical cycle along the lines of that in the Schübler set.
    All of the music on this album is also available as part of the specially priced box set Bach: The Complete Organ Works: ‘Let me say without hesitation that Herrick’s performances are models of clarity, accuracy, precision and musicality â€¦ this is a complete Bach that has plenty of character and verve and which would bear repeated listening’ (Choir & Organ).

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. The Schubler Chorales: Wachet Auf
      • 2. Ruft Uns Die Stimme BWV645
      • 3. The Schubler Chorales: Wo Soll Ich Fliehen Hin BWV646
      • 4. The Schubler Chorales: Wer Nur Den Lieben Gott Lasst Walten BWV647
      • 5. The Schubler Chorales: Meine Seele Erhebt Den Herren BWV648
      • 6. The Schubler Chorales: Ach Bleib Bei Uns
      • 7. Herr Jesu Christ BWV649
      • 8. The Schubler Chorales: Kommst Du Nun
      • 9. Jesu
      • 10. Vom Himmel Herunter BWV650
      • 11. The Leipzig Chorales: Komm
      • 12. Heiliger Geist Herre Gott BWV651
      • 13. The Leipzig Chorales: Komm
      • 14. Heiliger Geist Herre Gott BWV652
      • 15. The Leipzig Chorales: Jesus Christus
      • 16. Unser Heiland BWV665
      • 17. The Leipzig Chorales: Jesus Christus
      • 18. Unser Heiland BWV666

      Disc 2

      • 1. The Leipzig Chorales: Allein Gott In Der Hoh Sei Ehr BWV664
      • 2. The Leipzig Chorales: Allein Gott In Der Hoh Sei Ehr BWV662
      • 3. The Leipzig Chorales: Allein Gott In Der Hoh Sei Ehr BWV663
      • 4. The Leipzig Chorales: Nun Danket Alle Gott BWV657
      • 5. The Leipzig Chorales: Schmucke Dich
      • 6. O Liebe Seele BWV654
      • 7. The Leipzig Chorales: Nun Komm
      • 8. Der Heiden Heiland BWV659
      • 9. The Leipzig Chorales: Nun Komm
      • 10. Der Heiden Heiland BWV660
      • 11. The Leipzig Chorales: Nun Komm
      • 12. Der Heiden Heiland BWV661
      • 13. The Leipzig Chorales: O Lamm Gottes
      • 14. Unschuldig BWV656
      • 15. The Leipzig Chorales: An Wasserflussen Babylon BWV653
      • 16. The Leipzig Chorales: Herr Jesu Christ
      • 17. Dich Zu Uns Wend BWV655
      • 18. The Leipzig Chorales: Von Gott Will Ich Nicht Lassen BWV658
      • 19. The Leipzig Chorales: Komm
      • 20. Gott Schopfer
      • 21. Heiliger Geist BWV667
      • 22. The Leipzig Chorales: Vor Deinen Thron Tret Ich Hiermit BWV668
      • 23. The Kirnberger Chorales: Gottes Sohn Ist Kommen BWV703
      • 24. The Kirnberger Chorales: Nun Komm
      • 25. Der Heiden Heiland BWV699
      • 26. The Kirnberger Chorales: Vom Himmel Hoch Da Komm Ich Her BWV701/700
      • . The Kirnberger Chorales: Lob Sei Dem Allmachtigen Gott BWV704