Johansen & Kvandal: Like Father, Like Son

Christiania Mannskor, Marius Skjolaas

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Format: CD

Cat No: LWC1270

Release Date:  26 January 2024

Label:  Lawo

Packaging Type:  Digipak

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Barcode:  7090020182926

Genres:  Classical  Choral  

  • Description

    Like Father, Like Son is the Christiania Mannskor's fifth release on the LAWO Classics label. Christiania Mannskor, established in 2009, is Norway's professional men's choir. It is made up of 18 singers under the direction of conductor Marius Skjolaas. The ensemble has regular engagements in Oslo and countrywide and has performed at the invitation of, among others, the Norwegian government and parliament.

    Christiania Mannskor is dedicated to the renewal and revitalisation of men's choir singing in Norway. "Like Father, Like Son" is the ensemble's fifth release on the LAWO Classics label. Previous releases are "Something New" (2014), "Something Blue" (2016), "Norge, mitt Norge" (2017), together with the Royal Norwegian Air Force Band, and "Something Borrowed" (2019).

    Marius Skjolaas completed a degree in church music with a major in choral conducting at the Norwegian Academy of Music. He studied with Grete Pedersen, Jesper Grove Jorgensen (Copenhagen), Harald Herresthal and Kare Nordstoga. Skjolaas serves as organist and Director of Music of the Church of the Holy Trinity in Oslo and is artistic director of the chamber choir Oslo Chorale Selskap.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. David Monrad Johansen: Draumkvaekdet, Op. 7
      • 2. Tre mannskor, Op. 10: I. Skjenkarsveinen
      • 3. II. Ette' striden paa Rusarvollanne
      • 4. III. Hjorten spelar
      • 5. Tre mannskor, Op. 17: I. AEttar-arv
      • 6. II. Bansull (Ein haustkvell)
      • 7. III. En Femboring under seil
      • 8. Tre mannskor til tekster av Ivar Aasen, Op. 19: I. Dei gamle fjelli
      • 9. II. Gamle Grendi
      • 10. III. Gamle Norig
      • 11. Tre skaldekvad, Op. 27: I. Hett luet Olavs hjerte
      • 12. II. Du undres hugmilde kvinde
      • 13. III. Alle de hoie fjell
      • 14. Johan Kvandal: Drikkevise
      • 15. Pleiaderne ved Midnat, Op. 25: I. Andante tranquillo
      • 16. II. Talekor
      • 17. III. Andante sostenuto
      • 18. Efter tidens leilighed

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