Rockin' The Ritz Nyc 1988

3: Emerson, Palmer & Berry

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Format: 2LP

Cat No: ROC3449

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Release Date:  15 December 2023

Label:  Wienerworld

Packaging Type:  Gate Fold Vinyl

No of Units:  2

Barcode:  089353344924

Genres:  Rock  Progressive Rock  

  • Description

    Short-lived but powerful progressive rock group formed after Emerson, Lake and Palmer disbanded in the late 70s. "I am happy these rare 3 recordings have finally seen the light of day. This group was a transition for Keith, and myself that eventually got us back to Emerson, Lake & Palmer. We had formed "3" with Robert Berry, at the suggestion of Geffen Records and I think we made some pretty innovative music. This live concert proves the energy behind our music was very much alive and it still sounds relevant today. Some might say this was a left turn in our musical journey; but, in the end, the scenery was still enjoyable.” – Carl Palmer, September 2017

    “Both Keith and Carl wanted to get back to their roots and tour smaller venues, as Carl had said, "I can connect with more people in a 2500 seat club than I can in an arena. You only see the first 10 rows in an arena." I remember our show at the Ritz quite vividly; we had played many venues where the ELP fans were checking out their heroes and of course 'the new guy'. But the Ritz was different. Half the audience was the die-hard ELP fan wanting to hear their favourites. The other half was new fans that had heard “Talkin' Bout'” on the radio and were there to see this new hit band. We were a true rock and roll band playing our hearts out, hitting it hard and heavy. As Keith told me about a month after our "Live Boston '88", came out a few years ago "Robert I just listened to the new live release and... we were really a good band. Played our hearts out we did". That phone call will be one of my fondest memories forever. See if you agree with Keith.” – Robert Berry, September 2017

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Fanfare for the Common Man
      • 2. Desde La Vida
      • 3. Band Intro

      Side 2

      • 1. Hoedown
      • 2. You Do or You Don't
      • 3. Talkin' Bout

      Disc 2

      Side 1

      • 1. Dream Runner
      • 2. Creola Dance
      • 3. On My Way Home

      Side 2

      • 1. Standing in the Shadows of Love
      • 2. America/Blue Rondo A La Turk/Palmer drum solo/Fugue in D Minor
      • 3. Eight Miles High/Pete Gunn

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