Dee Byrne

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Format: CD

Cat No: WR4809

Release Date:  28 July 2023

Label:  Whirlwind Recordings

Packaging Type:  Digipak

No of Units:  1

Barcode:  5065014356159

Genres:  Jazz  Avant-garde  

  • Description

    Dee Byrne is an artist swimming freely in a sea of creative possibilities, her Entropi project established her reputation as a fearless explorer of the interface between composition and improvisation, structure and freedom, driven by a constant urge to create. To reconnect with the roots of that urge, she took a deep dive into her own process, using visual art as a medium to unlock fresh approaches to composition.

    The results can be heard on her latest Whirlwind release, and seen on the cover art: Outlines is a set of nine pieces for a specially assembled sextet of some of the UK's most adventurous and genre-busting musicians. Bassist Olie Brice, drummer Andrew Lisle and piano/keyboard player Rebecca Nash are all bandleaders in their own right, capable of navigating the complexities of Byrne's complex multi-modal compositions while allowing the spontaneity to flow freely: Tom Ward's collection of clarinets and Nick Malcolm's trumpet complete the frontline with Dee's alto sax, spinning tales and painting pictures. "There are a lot of strong, deep musical and personal relationships in this band - the sort that can't be fast-tracked. It's a real band!"

    'Outlines' is a bold and fully realised work that daringly reimagines the interface between control and freedom, writing and improvisation. The pieces develop naturally from written to free and back again, guided by a group of players in perfect harmony with the music and with each other: challenging and comforting the listener, and drawing them deep into Dee Byrne's complex and beautiful soundworld.

    Dee Byrne: alto saxophone
    Nick Malcolm: trumpet
    Tom Ward: clarinets
    Rebecca Nash: piano
    Olie Brice: double bass
    Andrew Lisle: drums

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Capsule
      • 2. Flow State
      • 3. Arrow Of Time
      • 4. On The Other Side
      • 5. Immersion
      • 6. Liberation
      • 7. We Are Experiencing Turbulence
      • 8. Don't Mess with Me
      • 9. The Dance