Spirit Of Improvisation: Mozart, Scarlatti, Liszt

Bernhard Parz

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Format: CD

Cat No: TXA19141

Release Date:  14 May 2021

Label:  TYZart

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Barcode:  4250702801412

Genres:  Classical  Solo Instrumental  

  • Description

    What do the three composers on this album, who come from such different eras, have in common? They all broke new ground, both in terms of piano-playing technique and musically. All three developed their works directly, almost improvisationally, on the instrument. And for all three of them, light-heartedness and the joy of playing the instrument are at the forefront of their works. And it is this joy of playing and light-heartedness that also characterise the essence of this recording, whose basic idea was to “capture� the “intuitively musical“ in a recording, i.e. to bring the improvisational spirit of these pieces to life. Thus, this album is a snapshot, as it were, that captures something that is alive like a picture captures movement. The selection of the pieces is based on a shared inner musical bond and an affinity of the keys that ties the whole CD together. Considered a master of the “Viennese sound�, pianist Bernhard Parz performs as a soloist and chamber musician in many parts of the world – in halls such as the Tonhalle Zurich or the JT-Arts Hall Tokyo, and at festivals such as the Shanghai International Arts Festival, the “Pera Piano Festival� Istanbul, and the “Festival Internacional de Piano� of the University of Santander in Colombia. He is bearer of the title “Bosendorfer Artist�, and is thus an ambassador of Viennese musical culture, with a corresponding program focus. He delights and inspires his concert audiences with his personal, lively and direct playing. He is not only internationally in demand as a teacher, but is also committed to spreading his enthusiasm for music to a broad audience by means of alternative concert formats and music education projects.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. WA Mozart: Piano Sonata F Major
      • 4. KV 332
      • 5. Scarlatti: Sonata F Minor
      • 6. K.466
      • 7. Sonata C Major
      • 8. K.159
      • 9. Sonata E Minor
      • 10. K.98
      • 11. Sonata A Major
      • . K.101