Tragically, I Need You

Lewis Black

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Format: CD

Cat No: MVD12656A

Release Date:  30 June 2023

Label:  Wienerworld

Packaging Type:  Jewel Case

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Barcode:  760137126560

Genres:  Spoken Word  Humour  

  • Description

    Lewis Black brings his inimitable insights to the "post"-pandemic state of world. "Tragically, I Need You" picks up where his last special left off. In his latest special Tragically, I Need You, comedian Lewis Black brings his inimitable insights to the post-Pandemic state of the world. Recorded in May 2022, Tragically, I Need You picks up where his last special, the Grammy-nominated Thanks For Risking Your Life, left off. This time he has the view of someone who spent entirely too much time in isolation during the pandemic, where the irksome details of life drew his acute attention.

    In 2020, Lewis went on a quarantine-tinged journey of self-discovery which led him to many personal revelations, including that he is old, that solitary confinement is a punishment, and that all recipes are made for a happy family of four. And most importantly, never look directly in a cat's eyes. Despite the trials of quarantine, Lewis' feisty streak has not faded. His job now is to nightly counteract the daily narratives presented by the former president, the current Ghost of Christmas Past, and the conspiracy theorists and Walmart shoppers who span the political and social spectrum.

    "It doesn't feel different because I'm someone who writes while in front of an audience, because that's how I find things out. Sometimes it's 'how do I do this or that?' or 'how do I play the rhythms of the act?'" he continues. "It's just great to be back on stage. One of the more major relationships in my life over the last few years has been with my audience."

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Great Expectations
      • 2. You Didn't Do Your Homework
      • 3. A Hundred And Three
      • 4. Shutdown
      • 5. Provisions
      • 6. Should Have Been A Peacock
      • 7. Somebody F'ed A WHATTTTT!!!!!
      • 8. Solitary Confinement Is A Punishment
      • 9. Solitary Confinement Is A Punishment
      • 10. "Cats"
      • 11. A Mask Is Just A Mask
      • 12. To Vax Or Not To Vax
      • 13. Cray-Cray
      • 14. Companionship