Weinberg: The Idiot

Thomas Sanderling, Orchester des Nationaltheaters Mannheim

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Format: 3CD

Cat No: PC10460

Release Date:  19 July 2024

Label:  Pan Classics

Packaging Type:  Box Set

No of Units:  3

Barcode:  7619990104600

Genres:  Classical  Opera  

  • Description

    The Idiot, based on the novel of the same title by Dostoyevsky, is Weinberg's final opera, composed during the mid-1980s. This live recording from the Mannheim National Theatre in 2014 documents the production with which Weinberg's Idiot received its world premiere one year previously in Mannheim, unanimously celebrated by audiences and critics alike. The renowned specialists' journal "Die Opernwelt" even named the production "the performance of the year".

    The Polish-Jewish composer Mieczyslaw Weinberg (1919-1996), who lost his family due to National Socialism, fled to Russia and, again, was later subjected to Stalinist persecution, was one of the unjustly forgotten composers of the 20th century until recently.

    He left behind a considerable oeuvre and, since the advent of an impressive Renaissance during recent years, he is today considered one of the most important composers of the Soviet Union alongside Shostakovich and Prokofiev.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Mieczyslaw Weinberg: Der Idiot: Prelude
      • 2. Well? Cold? Cold ... Very ...
      • 3. I can't live without her.
      • 4. Is it you, Ganya? What do you have for me?
      • 5. Will seventy thousand be enough?
      • 6. Do you like her, Prince?
      • 7. I remember ... I was taken away from Russia.
      • 8. You devils! You money-monger!
      • 9. As I saw your faces ...
      • 10. Just one word and I'm saved!
      • 11. The Truth! The Truth! How easy and clear is it.
      • 12. Nastassya Filippovna. How do you know me?
      • 13. Hello, Ganka! You, Judah!
      • 14. Prince, I played it badly, would you forgive me!

      Disc 2

      • 1. My soul is on fire, draws awe.
      • 2. The Prince is the first person in my entire life that I believed in!
      • 3. Am I a princess now?
      • 4. Why are you crying?
      • 5. I am ready, my queen!
      • 6. Rumors, rumors! Awkward and improbable rumors!
      • 7. Parfyon, perhaps I came at a bad time?
      • 8. Knife grinder, knife grinder!
      • 9. I feel so guilty!
      • 10. How is the Prince? Don't worry mother!
      • 11. Why do you stand on the tips of your toes? More secrets?
      • 12. They come ... They come ...
      • 13. Oh my God! How do I feel! Oh my God! Three marriageable daughters!
      • 14. Come together! Collide!

      Disc 3

      • 1. I will be waiting for you in the park at seven o'clock in the morning.
      • 2. I have to change my life.
      • 3. Oh, my God! Why is this happening?
      • 4. I don't understand anything! I am so confused.
      • 5. They write ... and write ... The letters fly right and left.
      • 6. There is no one home, except the four of us.
      • 7. Just look at this young lady!
      • 8. Ah, my prize, my prize.
      • 9. Nowhere to go ... I have nowhere to go.
      • 10. Enter. It is dark here.
      • 11. Now what, Parfyon?