Songs From A Zulu Farm

Ladysmith Black Mambazo

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Release Date:  07 February 2011

Label:  Proper Associates

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Barcode:  805520300070

Genres:  World Music  

  • Description

    Since their earliest recordings, Ladysmith Black Mambazo has maintained a respect and a reverence for their past. Indeed, the centuries-old story of their homeland – sometimes joyous, sometimes troubled, but always rich and exhilarating – has been at the very foundation of this vocal group since its very beginning. But alongside the South African history witnessed by an entire world, there's a quieter, more personal past shared by the members of Ladysmith Black Mambazo – a time of youth and innocence, when the world consisted of nothing more than the hills and open fields of their parents' farms in Zulu country. Before the stage performances, before the collaborations with other artists, before the Grammy awards, before all of that and so much more, the only songs these children knew were the traditional folk tunes handed down to them by their parents, their grandparents, and the countless generations that preceded them.

    And yet, for all the decades that have come and gone, these songs are still very much alive. Ladysmith Black Mambazo shares them with the world in their new recording, Songs From A Zulu Farm, set for release in February, 2011. Founder and frontman Joseph Shabalala and the other members of the group recreate the idyllic world in which they once lived and offer a glimpse of it to fans and audiences around the globe. To say this is their most personal work to date would be an understatement.
    For over forty years, the voices of Ladysmith Black Mambazo have married the intricate rhythms and harmonies of their native South African musical traditions to the sounds and sentiments of Christian gospel music.

    The multi- Grammy Award winning group return with a deeply personal collection of songs handed down by their forefathers.

    While Songs From A Zulu Farm may originate from the culture of South Africa, it speaks to certain joys of childhood that are universal.

    Full press, radio, and online promotion surrounds this release.

    An extensive UK tour will take place throughout May and June 2011.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Yangiluma Inkukhu (The Biting Chicken)
      • 2. Zulu Laduma (Voices Like Thunder)
      • 3. Imith iGobakahle (Children Come Home)
      • 4. Cabhayeye (Puddles!)
      • 5. Ntulube (Away, You River Snakes)
      • 6. Wemfana (Bad Donkey)
      • 7. Ekhaya (Don'019t Leave Home Too Soon)
      • 8. Wemfazi Ongaphesheya (River Talk)
      • 9. Leilyafu (Clouds, Move Away)
      • 10. Uthekwane (The Prettiest Bird ?)
      • 11. Imbongolo (The Donkey's Complaint)
      • 12. Ixegezi (Catch The Bird)
      • 13. Lezonkomo (Praise The Cows & Bulls)
      • 14. Vuka (Wake Up Little Chicks)
      • 15. Thalaza (I Miss My Home, I Miss The Farm )
      • 16. Old McDonald...Zulu Style