Music For The Venetian Ospedaletto - Works By Nicola Porpora

Jose Maria Lo Monaco; Stefano Aresi; Stile Galante

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Release Date:  26 January 2024

Label:  Glossa

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Barcode:  8424562235373

Genres:  Classical  Vocal  

  • Description

    Venice's four famous "Ospedali" houses for orphans with a fundamental musical education and outstanding music ensembles andsoloists were among the city's most important cultural institutions for a long time. Many prominent musicians worked at the Ospedali,including the famous singer, singing teacher and opera composer Nicola Porpora. He worked at three of the four Ospedali between 1729 and 1747. At the so-called "Ospedaletto", he taught singing to several female students and also met the highly talented singerAngiola Moro, known as "Anzoletta". Porpora created some of the most demanding solo roles for her during his time at the Ospedaletto.

    The mezzo-soprano Jose Maria Lo Monaco, who has performed as an opera soloist (not only in baroque operas) on the world's greatstages, has taken on "Anzoletta's" parts and presents two cantatas and a Salve Regina on this recording. She is accompanied by the Ensemble Stile Galante under the direction of Stefano Aresi, which completes the program with Porpora's cello concerto, interpreted by Agnieszka Oszanca.

    "Stile Galante's string band play fulsomely and Andrea Friggi's bright organ is at the forefront in Placida surge, Aurora (1744)." – Gramophone

    "the alto Angiola Moro […] was apparently gifted at extensive triplet passages, downward leaps and graceful trills, and these artistic characteristics carry across to Jose Maria Lo Monaco's eloquence, agility and precision." – Gramophone

    "With her captivatingly warm and darkly luminous timbre, an agile voice that is slender despite its brocade character and with a very natural emphasis, [Josè Maria Lo Monaco] gives the vocal works a great deal of character." – Pizzicato *****

    "The Stile Galante ensemble delivers a performance that not only demonstrates all-round playing competence and musicological care but is also very pleasing in its depth and variety of sound and a pleasantly unagitated performing." - Pizzicato *****

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Nicolai Porpora: Placida surge, Aurora S. 232: Aria Placida surge, Aurora
      • 2. Recitativo In tanta horroris nocte
      • 3. Aria Facis splendor consolator
      • 4. Alleluia
      • 5. Salve Regina, S. 308: Salve Regina
      • 6. Ad te clamamus
      • 7. Ad te suspiramus
      • 8. Eia ergo
      • 9. Ellos tuos
      • 10. O clemens
      • 11. Cello Concerto in G Major: Adagio
      • 12. Allegro
      • 13. Adagio
      • 14. Allegro - Presto
      • 15. Qualis avis cui perempta S. 234: Aria Qualis avis cui perempta
      • 16. Recitativo Tu, animarum Venator
      • 17. Aria Da per Te, Virgo Regina
      • 18. Alleluia

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