The Greatest Misses


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Format: 2CD


Release Date:  01 December 2023

Label:  Modena Records

Packaging Type:  EcoPak

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Barcode:  5037300059327

Genres:  Electronic  

  • Description

    With the last studio album reaching dance number one in nine territories, the follow up has to be --- well, in Chicane world it's a celebration of your greatest misses over the last few years; as yet an unprecedented album title I believe.

    One Thousand Suns, No Ordinary Morning, Hiding All the Stars, Oxygen, Come Back featuring Paul Young. All tracks that have been tagged, 'I can't believe that wasn't a hit' not by the artist but by fans and industry personnel, (hey, what do they know.).

    This is not a play on a greatest hits album, it is genuinely tracks that were either released a little ahead of their time; Hiding All the Stars would fit right in on mainstream radio today. Mistaken, and mistimed? All chosen by the artist.

    Perhaps as some of these were 'songs', with verses, bridges and alarmingly choruses the dance community balked a wee bit. But, all the finesse of a Chicane tune and production means they deserve to be recognised as part of the Chicane cannon and enjoyed - the tracks still induce an urge to rhythm.

    Chicane first came to prominence in the late 90's with Offshore, deemed a seminal Trance classic. One or so studio albums followed over the decades as well as working with extremely diverse artists such as Cher, Sir Tom Jones, Sigur Ros, Natasha Bedingfield, Maire Brennan, achieving a number one global hit with Don't Give Up featuring Bryan Adams and top five with the iconic Saltwater

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Come Back (Evolution Extended Mix)
      • 2. One Thousand Suns feat. Christian Burns (Original Extended Mix)
      • 3. Hiding All The Stars (Evolution Extended Mix)
      • 4. No Ordinary Morning
      • 5. Oxygen feat. Paul Aiden
      • 6. Going Deep (Evolution Extended Mix)
      • 7. No More I Sleep feat. Senadee (Original Extended Mix)
      • 8. Come Tomorrow (Original Mix)

      Disc 2

      • 1. Still With Me feat. Bo Bruce (Disco Citizens Extended Mix)
      • 2. Middledistancerunner feat. Adam Young (Disco Citizens Extended Mix)
      • 3. Gorecki (Original Extended Mix)
      • 4. Come Back (Original Extended Mix)
      • 5. Nirvana feat. Rosalee O'Connell (Swung Extended Mix)
      • 6. Hiding All The Stars (Original Extended Mix)
      • 7. Going Deep (Original Extended Mix)
      • 8. Serendipity (Extended Edit)