Songs (Chopin, Moniuszko, Szymanowski Etc.)

Tomasz Zagorski, Jacek Kortus

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Format: CD

Cat No: DUX2002

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Release Date:  26 July 2024

Label:  DUX Recording Producers

Packaging Type:  Digipak

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Barcode:  5902547020020

Genres:  Classical  Vocal  

  • Description

    DUX Recording Producers presents a new album in memory of internationally renowned Polish tenor Tomasz Zagorski. On the album, we find recordings of twenty-four songs composed by nine Polish composers. Thus, it is a cross-sectional, comprehensive approach to native vocal works. In most cases, we can hear pieces that performers reach for especially often, and the audience simply expects them. At the same time, the performers here reach a wonderful, artistic understanding.

    This unique album preserves the memory of an Artist whose thread of life and career, at its very peak, was broken so unexpectedly and suddenly. Tomasz Zagorski died in 2021, at the age of fifty-six, unable to face what the time of the pandemic brought us. We dedicate this album to his memory in the need to preserve a lasting trace documenting the talent of the artist at the peak of vocal art mastery.

    The CD opens with Fryderyk Chopin's song Wojak [Before the Battle]. The pianist, Jacek Kortus, immediately sets the tone of a soldier's call, as announced by the first words of Stefan Witwicki's poem: 'My bay horse neighs, stamps; let us go, it is time, it is time!' Tomasz Zagorski takes up this soldier's call with enthusiasm and totally aware of what is at stake.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Fryderyk Chopin: Before the Battle, Op. 74 No. 10
      • 2. Stanislaw Niewiadomski: Bells, Op. 20 No. 3
      • 3. Mieczyslaw Karlowicz: In the Still of the Evening, Op. 3 No. 8
      • 4. Ignacy Jan Paderewski: The Piper's Song, Op. 18 No. 2
      • 5. Tadeusz Szeligowski: Arion
      • 6. Karlowicz: Whence the First Stars, Op. 1 No. 2
      • 7. Paderewski: By Mighty Waters, Op. 18 No. 4
      • 8. Karlowicz: Keep Talking to Me, Op. 3 No. 1
      • 9. Chopin: Spring, Op. 74 No. 2
      • 10. Paderewski: Mine Eyes Have Known Tears, Op. 18 No. 1
      • 11. Stanislaw Moniuszko: To the Distant One
      • 12. Chopin: A Fickle Maid, Op. 74 No. 5
      • 13. Karlowicz: For a Sorrowful Girl, Op. 1 No. 1
      • 14. Chopin: Drinking Song, Op. 74 No. 4
      • 15. Karlowicz: I Remember Quiet Days, Golden, Bright, Op. 1 No. 5
      • 16. Chopin: The Ring, Op. 74 No. 14
      • 17. Chopin: Remembrance, Op. 74 No. 6
      • 18. Moniuszko: Two Auroras from the anthology of Songbook for Home Use, Book 2
      • 19. Paderewski: Grey Horse, Op. 7 No. 2
      • 20. Zygmunt Noskowski: A Lark Is Singing
      • 21. Karol Szymanowski: Wishes, Op. 24 No. 1
      • 22. Szymanowski: Zuleikha [Suleika], Op. 13 No. 4
      • 23. Tadeusz Szeligowski: Soledad
      • 24. Jerzy Gablenz: You Have No Idea How Miserable I Am, Op. 5 No. 4

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