Jan Muller-wieland: Piano Works

Shoko Kuroe

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Format: CD

Cat No: NEOS12317

Release Date:  10 November 2023

Label:  Neos

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Barcode:  4260063123177

Genres:  Classical  Contemporary Classical  

  • Description

    "This piano music contains diaries, sketches, cartoons, inner protocols, bad dreams, alleged awakenings, illusions and disillusionments, in other words: aspects of a hitherto quite trusting, but also unsecured existence - represented and recorded through sound, concentration, reduction to the supposedly essential.Capriccetti (1st cycle) revolves around the turn of the year 1987/88, sketches snapshots in my life when I was studying in Lubeck at that time, right on the border to the former GDR.

    Capriccetti (2nd cycle) was created in spurts between 2014 and 2017. Allusions, impulses (as if by themselves) became larger sequences, abysses. At one point (in the sixth piece) I briefly involve phrases from a diary entry by Sibelius dated 21 April 1915, in which he put into words the figurative signal for the final theme of his fifth symphony: "Saw today ten to eleven 16 swans...". At the time, Sibelius was living in his native Finnish "splendid isolation" far from the First World War.

    - Jan Muller-Wieland

    Jan Muller-Wieland is perhaps one of the most diverse and productive composers of our time. Born in Hamburg in 1966, the musician has created, in addition to 15 stage works, large-scale works for orchestra, but he is also attached to chamber music. His works are played internationally by the most renowned soloists and ensembles. Since 2007, he has been a professor of composition at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich.

    Shoko Kuroe was born in Japan in 1971 and began taking piano lessons at the age of four. Since 1981, she has been living in Hamburg where she was trained by Eliza Hansen. She has been the recipient of various national and international competition awards and has been a grant recipient of the Oscar and Vera Ritter Foundation and the ZEIT Foundation. Shoko Kuroe performs as a soloist in Europe, the USA, and Japan. Her interpretations have been documented in international TV and radio recordings as well as CD recordings. An important part of her artistic work lies in music education.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Jan Muller-Wieland: Trauma und Ruckgrat: I. Der Elefant im Klavierzimmer
      • 2. II. Flur- und Buschfunk
      • 3. III. Schockstarre
      • 4. IV. Gehversuche
      • 5. V. Gegenwehr I
      • 6. VI. Ruockschlag und Gegenwehr II
      • 7. Capriccetti (1. Zyklus): I. giosco
      • 8. I. giocoso
      • 9. II. leggiero
      • 10. III. tranquillo
      • 11. IV. grazioso
      • 12. V. furioso
      • 13. VI. maestoso con eleganza
      • 14. VII. con sentimento
      • 15. VIII. spontaneo
      • 16. Capriccetti (2. Zyklus): I. vertraumt
      • 17. II. molto sotto voce, doch voran!
      • 18. III. -
      • 19. IV. sempre a tempo, molto preciso
      • 20. V. innig
      • 21. VI. diskret, doch ausspielend, aber nicht zu schnell