Ektoras Tartanis: Mystic Encounters - Chamber Music

Ektoras Tartanis

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Format: CD

Cat No: TXA24190

Release Date:  19 July 2024

Label:  TYXart

Packaging Type:  Jewel Case

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Barcode:  4250702801900

Genres:  Classical  Chamber Music  

  • Description

    Born in Stuttgart to Greek parents, Greek mythology and philosophy form the foundation of Ektoras Tartanis' world view and also his intellectual background.

    For him, these myths and legends are not just stories, but a code to be deciphered.

    The chamber music works presented here provide some examples of this decoding.

    Ektoras Tartanis, conductor as well as composer, is the new chief conductor of the South Bavarian Philharmonic, with which he is establishing a new symphonic concert series and focusing on the big symphonic repertoire.

    Alongside his conducting activities Ektoras Tartanis puts a lot of emphasis on composing and his music gains more and more the attention of a wider audience. On March 26, 2024 his newly composed concerto for harp, baritone and orchestra "Erato Psaltrian" was premiered to critical acclaim at the Konzerthaus Freiburg with the internationally acclaimed Anneleen Lenaerts as a soloist, who is also the dedicatee of this work.

    On this new recording he is joined by Irina Jae-Eun Park, Michael Borth, Susanne Keck and his regular accompanist, Paul Drouet.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Ektoras Tartanis: The Lost Nereid
      • 2. Fadensonnen: 1. In den Gerauschen
      • 3. 2. Auf uberregneter Fahrte
      • 4. 3. Du warst mein Tod
      • 5. 4. Zur Rechten, wer?
      • 6. Atemwende: 1. Fadensonnen
      • 7. 2. In den Fluben
      • 8. 3. Helligkeitshunger
      • 9. 4. Hohles Lebensgehoft
      • 10. 5. Ein Drohnen
      • 11. 6. Schaufaden, Sinnfaden
      • 12. 7. Als uns das Wasser anfiel
      • 13. 8. Einmal. Da horte ich ihn
      • 14. The Horae: 1. Eunomia
      • 15. 2. Dike
      • 16. 3. Eirene