Sugar Honey Iced Tea!


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Format: 2LP

Cat No: BBE763ALP

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Release Date:  17 May 2024

Label:  Bbe Music / Barely Breaking Even

Packaging Type:  Gate Fold Vinyl

No of Units:  2

Barcode:  197188957834

Genres:  Dance  

  • Description

    Sugar Honey Iced Tea! is the highly anticipated debut album from musclecars, set for a May 2024 release on BBE Music. Having already established their presence in the club scene, from the joyous atmosphere of their Coloring Lessons parties to their residency at Nowadays in NYC, and with genre-bending performances worldwide, musclecars are eager to unveil this new world they've intentionally crafted.

    This forthcoming album comprises 13 tracks that sonically come together to offer a profound lens into the Afro-American experience. Themes range from joy, to loss, intimacy, helplessness, perseverance, and all the facets that lie in between. From the very first tune, musclecars set the tone with an exploration of afro-dystopia, carrying listeners through the entire album whilst creating imaginary futures born out of self-preservation and self-discovery.

    Through their practice of sonic storytelling, native New Yorkers Brandon Weems and Craig Handfield use this album to speak to the nuances of their daily lives and their environment. Join them on this musical journey as they delve into a collection that captures the essence of the black experience with authenticity, emotion, and rhythm. This album stands as one of their favorite bodies of work in recent memory, and they're so excited to share it with you.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. The Afro-American Conundrum (Where does that leave us?)
      • 2. Dream Boy
      • 3. Tonight (Feat. Kamaal)
      • 4. Every Party Must Come To An End (Feat. Kamaal)
      • 5. Running Out Of Time

      Side 2

      • 1. Ha Ya! (Eternal Life) (Feat. Natalie Greffel)
      • 2. I Don’t Remember The Last Time I Saw Stars

      Disc 2

      Side 3

      • 1. Carlos Sanchez Interlude
      • 2. Hello? (Feat. Aden)
      • 3. Circles I (Prelude)
      • 4. Circles II (Feat. Toribio)

      Side 4

      • 1. There’s Space For Us All
      • 2. Water (Feat. New Past)