The Sound Of Hollywood

John Mauceri; The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra; Julie Andrews

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Format: 16CD

Cat No: ELQ4845233

Release Date:  24 November 2023

Label:  Australian Eloquence

Packaging Type:  Box Set

No of Units:  16

Barcode:  0028948452330

Genres:  Classical  Orchestral  

  • Description

    The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra breathed new life into the orchestral pops repertoire, told new stories and brought in new audiences when it was revived under the conductor John Mauceri in the 1990s. At the centrepiece of this collection are all of the original HBO albums released by Philips from 1991-96.

    From Gershwin to Ligeti, The Firebird to Edward Scissorhands, The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra breathed new life into the orchestral 'pops' repertoire, told new stories and brought in new audiences when it was revived under the conductor John Mauceri in 1990.

    From the start, they played to capacity audiences at the Hollywood Bowl, where the Los Angeles Philharmonic had been giving concerts since 1922. Now reformed as a separate ensemble - 'the world's greatest pick-up band', auditioned by Mauceri and his colleagues from freelancers across the West Coast - the new Hollywood Bowl Orchestra played a huge repertoire of classical, contemporary, film and Broadway, and recorded the highlights for Philips.

    The mastermind behind their artistic success and uniquely diverse repertoire was Mauceri, a protege of Leonard Bernstein, who had long worked with equal success in opera, the symphony and musical theatre. Mauceri made the connections that link Holst and Ravel to John Williams and Hans Zimmer, the Korngold and Schoenberg of Vienna to their later identities in California. He showed in sound as well as word how 'Golden Age' Hollywood film scores developed from the world of European late-Romanticism and modernism.

    Mauceri and his colleagues dug deep into studio libraries to unearth the best, the most original and complete scores available for pieces such as The King and I and familiar 'standards' often heard in much later orchestrations. They worked with great singers from all backgrounds, including (featured in this set) Julia Andrews, Patti LuPone and Sylvia McNair. Each individual HBO album was curated by Mauceri to tell a familiar story - love scenes, nightmares, waltzes, the space age, the passing of a day - from an unexpected angle.

    The box also includes Mauceri's Decca albums of My Fair Lady, starring Kiri Te Kanawa and Jeremy Irons, and 'Schoenberg in Hollywood' (part of the label's Entartete Musik series). A booklet essay by Peter Quantrill traces the genesis of the revived Hollywood Bowl Orchestra through Mauceri's reflections. Costa Pilavachi, who masterminded many of these recordings for Philips offers his own personal insights. Whichever side of the musical tracks you're from, 'The Sound of Hollywood' will take you on new journeys, to unfamiliar destinations.

    "Let me at once raise three cheers for this joyous recording that touches the heart as well as bringing laughter into the house ... I found [Te Kanawa's] interpretation as endearing as any I've heard ... John Mauceri sets all the right tempos ... and secures first-rate playing." Gramophone, November 1987 (My Fair Lady)

    "Totally idiomatic, highly accomplished performances ... More, please!" Gramophone, September 1991 (Hollywood Dreams)

    "The world's most glamorous pick-up band. The style, the opulence, the swing is totally inbred. It isn't a question of good imitation, of 'idiomatic' - it just is." Gramophone, May 1992 (The Gershwins in Hollywood)

    "Julie Andrews' technique is so direct and effective that it deserves study ... There is no other singer before the public today who understands better how to interpret Rodgers and Hammerstein ... The Hollywood forces under Mauceri play as if their lives depended on it." Opera, November 1992 (The King and I)

    "Enormously exhilarating. Mauceri certainly has his own ideas about Schoenberg's music, and they are excellently presented by the two Berlin orchestras and by Decca's lean sound." Fanfare, November 1997 (Schoenberg in Hollywood)

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. The Gershwins in Hollywood

      Disc 2

      • 1. Rodgers & Hammerstein: Complete Overtures

      Disc 3

      • 1. Rodgers & Hammerstein: The King & I

      Disc 4

      • 1. Heatwave: Patti LuPone sings Irving Berlin

      Disc 5

      • 1. The Hollywood Bowl on Broadway: Rodgers . Weill . Arlen . Kern

      Disc 6

      • 1. Lerner & Lowe: My Fair Lady

      Disc 7

      • 1. Prelude to a Kiss: The Duke Ellington Album

      Disc 8

      • 1. Songs of the Earth - Twenty-five Hours on our Planet: Ravel . Grieg . Nielsen . Debussy

      Disc 9

      • 1. The Great Waltz: J. Strauss II/Tiomkin . Bennett . R. Strauss . Herrmann . Loewe

      Disc 10

      • 1. Journey to the Stars: A Sci-Fi Fantasy Adventure Blomdahl . Herrmann . Goldsmith

      Disc 11

      • 1. Hollywood Dreams: Schoenberg . Rodgers . Steiner . Stravinsky . Newman . Waxman . Bernstein

      Disc 12

      • 1. Hollywood Nightmares: Savino . Steiner . Stravinsky . Williams . Herrmann

      Disc 13

      • 1. Always and Forever: Fain . North . Newman . Goldsmith . Waxman . Puccini . Rozsa

      Disc 14

      • 1. The Sound of Hollywood: Newman . Steiner . Gershwin . Stothart . Arlen . Loewe

      Disc 15

      • 1. American Classics: Gershwin . Ellington . Bernstein . Adams

      Disc 16

      • 1. Schoenberg in Hollywood: Suite in G major . Chamber Symphony No. 2 . Theme and Variations