Wolfgang Bock

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Format: CD

Cat No: MIG02992

Release Date:  03 November 2023

Label:  Mig Music

Packaging Type:  Custom Packaging

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Barcode:  885513029928

Genres:  Electronic  Ambient  

  • Description

    The electronic musician Wolfgang Bock comes from the environment of Klaus Schulze and his 1980 debut "Cycles" is not only strongly influenced by him and the Berlin School, Klaus Schulze also produced this album - 2 years later, Bock released a maxi single with four tracks under the pseudonym Paul Flieger with Helicopter, on which he experimented with the "Neue Deutsche Welle" and mixed the seriousness of the "Berliner Schule" with the lightness of the "Dusseldorf Schule".

    In the 1990's 3 more albums followed on the German Sky label. After that Wolfgang Bock actively withdrew from the music scene, he devoted more and more to his passion as a single-handed sailor, left Germany and moved to Spain.

    In 2022 "Cycles" was reissued, the media reacted euphorically to this re-release after 42 (!) years. Reason enough for Wolfgang Bock to go back into the studio and produce a new album with "Mintaka" after more than 26 years.

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. TILD
      • 2. The Breath Of Aurelia
      • 3. Passing Orion
      • 4. Gongroad
      • 5. Calling For
      • 6. Mintaka
      • 7. Moody Science
      • 8. Grains Of Tomorrow
      • 9. The Hall Of Orilis