According To The Sound

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Format: CD

Cat No: LOS2302

Release Date:  24 January 2020

Label:  Losen Records

Packaging Type:  Digipak

No of Units:  1

Barcode:  7090025832307

Genres:  Jazz  Fusion  

  • Description

    Adam Parry-Davies - piano & keyboards; Patrick Case - guitar & programming; Gary Alesbrook - trumpet & flugelhorn; James Morton - alto sax; Sam Shotaka - tenor sax; James Carter - tenor sax; Chad Lefkowitz - tenor sax; Mike Rodrig - tenor sax; Jake Goldbass - drums; Otto Hashmi - electric bass; Adam King - double bass.

    According to the Sound is a recording project by British jazz musicians Adam Parry-Davies (pianist) and Patrick Case (guitarist). Produced in Bristol, Birmingham, London and New York, their first release, "Prism-a-Ning" (a nod to Thelonious Monk's "Rhythm-a-Ning"), is the culmination of a year's work where 93 compositions and improvisation were laid down to be worked on and orchestrated, then finally edited down to just 15 tracks. Recorded partly in New York, the resulting album includes contributions for Blue Note saxophonist James Carter.

    Musicians' quotes:
    "It took 5 weeks for us to scrutinize and sift through our music until we had collected 15 tracks to develop further. We worked and rebuilt the drafts of our demos as an author rewrites pages of an evolving novel. Horn parts were rewritten and extra piano and Rhodes parts were added. Taking shape, our music then went to New York, where four instrumentalist and three rappers delved into our music before adding their contributions in a studio in Brooklyn. Finally, we took the music to London where this year long project was mixed and mastered."

    "If you draw a straight line between Birmingham, Bristol and London on a map it forms a triangle and conveniently illustrates a musical analogy. Music from both past and present New York can be imagined as a series of waveforms, passing through the triangle of the three UK cities like light through a prism, creating a whole spectrum of new sounds. To carry forward this analogy. If Gershwin's rhythm changes provide Thelonious Monk with a structure to base his tune "Rhythm-a-Ning, the music of New York has provided inspiration for us to create our first record, "Prism-a-Ning."

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. An Early Train South
      • 2. Bringing Fusion
      • 3. Controlling The Line
      • 4. Goin' Off
      • 5. Lillypad Railway
      • 6. Heading West (Prism-A-Ning)
      • 7. Splitting The Beam
      • 8. Feat Off The Seat
      • 9. Hacknet Downs
      • 10. Gardens
      • 11. Arrival
      • 12. (Secret Track) Furnace Track