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Format: 2LP

Cat No: CS007
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Release Date:  02 June 2023

Label:  Cmptr Stdnts

Packaging Type:  Slip Sleeve (CD or Vinyl)

No of Units:  2

Barcode:  3700604743255

Genres:  Indie  Post Rock  

  • Description

    Originally released in 2000 exclusively on compact disc, the self-titled debut album by Boston- based instrumental math-rock band Lynx is now being reissued and available for the first time in vinyl format.

    This visionary record, a precursor to the math music of the new millennium, skilfully blends stripped-down, repetitive guitars with angular, minimalist drum patterns.

    The original 1999 recording was helmed by Bob Weston [he of Shellac fame] Also of note is that Lynx included in its ranks guitarist Dave Konopka who went on to be a founding member of the group Battles.

    This deluxe edition is augmented by a second vinyl entitled Human Speech, an EP featuring three unreleased tracks recorded in 2021 but composed more than 20 years ago.

    The entire collection, LP and 12" is released by Computer Students" in their Expanded Reissues series.

    It includes a massive double-sided poster and is housed in a sleek, tactile aluminium packaging.

  • Tracklisting

    1. Look at That Table and Make it Spin in Your Head
    2. Mrs. Lynx
    3. Explosive Diarrhea
    4. In Snow
    5. In Sand
    2.1. Aries
    2.2. Prynx
    2.3. United States
    2.4. Raisins
    2.1. Human Speech
    2.2. Softly Ultra