Galaxy Of Stooges

The Monoxides

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Format: LP

Cat No: LPRRL001

Release Date:  02 February 2024

Label:  Record Record Label

Packaging Type:  Slip Sleeve (CD or Vinyl)

No of Units:  1

Barcode:  634457148895

Genres:  Rock  Pop-Rock  

  • Description

    "Keith Porteous, who was A&R at BMG brought me to a bar called The Absinthe to check out a new band he was working with - What was immediately interesting about them was that, while their tastes were root-ed in '70's rock, they didn't sound retro - They had created a classic rock sound for their generation. What was also great is that they were four distinct personalities-four characters, like the Beatles or the Monkees. But they all dressed in matching outfits and did coordinated rock moves on stage. Amazing. I went to Moncton, NB and met the guys at an old schoolhouse that they'd wrangled to do pre-production. We spent a week or so workshopping their super cool songs and hanging out at their favorite watering holes. They had sold me with their live show and part of the trick of producing them was to try to capture that. I knew we weren't going to do a lot of overdubs or ornate production. That week was an absolute blast. The guys were so funny and so engaging, just dripping with personality, which I knew was going to serve them well in the music business. I remember going to a Chinese Buffet with them and their girlfriends and watched them eat half of the food in the restaurant. I think the bill came to less than $100 for the nine of us. I still love the record and I wish it had made them world famous rock superstars. Every song on it is so uniquely them, they had perfectly distilled their influences, both old and new, and I don't think any other band could have made this record. " - Moe Berg

  • Tracklisting

      Disc 1

      Side 1

      • 1. Skycruiser
      • 2. Goin' Back
      • 3. (Can't Get) Excited
      • 4. Little Bitta Rosie
      • 5. In My Life
      • 6. Turn Up My Stereo
      • 7. Phantom Racer
      • 8. It's Easy
      • 9. Ice Cream Man
      • 10. Show Off
      • 11. Touch The Sky